Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Yes man

Just watched it....apparently it doesn't follow the book (which I havent read) but it gets the idea. I quite like the idea, Im not going to take it to silly extremes but it'd be nice to see what happens if I agree to stuff more.


It is so; as you say or ask. Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive confirmation, or consent. yes·es.
  1. An affirmative or consenting reply.
  2. An affirmative vote or voter.

To give an affirmative reply to.


Used to express great satisfaction, approval, or happiness.

[Middle English, from Old English gēse, so be it! : probably gēa, so + sīe, may it be so.]

Sunday, 15 February 2009

One of those nights

I went to a crematorium last night...
at 4am.

It was pretty scary...I didnt stay long or break in or anything, just stood outside. Ever since my uncle was cremated Ive never liked the places. It was pretty peaceful though.

And this morning I appear to have acquired a cocktail shaker.

All in all it was quite a good night.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Oh yeah...

I forgot.
Iv got some photos in an exhibition tomorrow, its the first time Iv ever displayed any so I'm proper nervous & don't even 
think I've picked the best ones. Heres a sneak preview of what you can see at 'Exposed' in Southampton Bridge Bar...

Back from my adventures....

I know its been a while...I've been busy reclaiming my youth.

My new semester at uni is so much better than the first, probably cos Im not carrying a 2 week binge hangover throughout the whole term! I've even started going to the gym again, I went early this morning and felt so much better for the rest of the day!!!!

Not a lots happened really
 asides from the usual nocturnal adventures, I went to a kids ballpark that had been opened to bigger boys and girls for the was amazing, like being 7 again! Im ashamed to admit I pinched a ball from the ball pool as a souvenir.

Its a soggy day in Southampton, sometimes I want to be back here, just for the warmth and happiness of those few weeks