Monday, 12 January 2009

Eagle Vs Shark 1 am

I love this film
Its about what happens to the people that don't get the happy endings when the other film finishes.


  1. I really want to see this! I actually hadn't heard of it until yesterday. Love Jemaine. I like your blog too. :)

    What's your favourite 90s cartoon?

  2. See it. Its such a happygoodtime film when you realise its about real people! Its so good!

    Im pretty hype for any old cartoons, but rocko's modern life, biker mice from mars, earthworm Jim, Pinky and the brain etc really rock the boat.
    but I just watched thundercats (80's) and its still preetty a!

    Anything you woke up early on a saturday morning to watch, where you'd sit with your little brother in front of the tv waiting for the test card to end.

  3. I finally watched it! It was happy, lovely and inspiring. I really need to make a wallet watch.

    I loved Rocko's Modern Life and Pinky and the Brain, but I've never heard of the others. :( Biker Mice from Mars sounds excellent!! Oooo yeah Thundercats. The 80s did have some good cartoons as well. And the 70s for sure. My all time favourite 90s cartoon is Hey Arnold! I also love Daria, Doug, Rugrats, Ahhhh! Real Monsters, and Dexters Lab.